Arcoma Arco Ceil Digital Rad Room

Arcoma Arco Ceil Rad Room

Digital flat pannel detectors

Ceiling mount x-ray

Wall stand


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Arcoma Arco Ceil Digital Rad Room

Arcoma Arco Ceil Digital Rad Room

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Arcoma Arco Ceil Rad Room
Year of manufacture: 2004

Canon based system with digital detectors

Arcoma Arco Ceil Ceiling Tube Suspension
Arco Table Non Tilting Motorized Bucky table
Arco Wall Bucky with Canon Lanmix CXDI-40G
Canon CXDI-31 detector (portable)
Canon Lanmix CXDI-40G (table)
Indico 100 RAD 65 Kw Generator
Santax Monitors
Fuji Drypix 7000 Dry Laser Imager

Software options:
Annotation Input
Flexible Noise Control Processing
Tiling Quality Assurance
Shutter Processing
Multi-Objective Frequency Processing
Grid Pattern Removal Processing
Dicom Standard CR Storage
Dicom Fuji Private CR Storage
Dicom Modality Worklist
Dicom Basic Grayscale Print
Dicom Storage Commitment
FCR QC Software
5000 Connection
Scanner Connection (FRUP)
HQ Image (FRUP)
Dynamic Range Control Processing
Tomographic Artifact Suppression Processing
Quality Assurance
Image Magnifing
PACS Connection

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