Drager Evita 2 Dura

Drager Evita 2 Dura Ventilator

Excellent working condition

Each unit comes with brand new oxygen and flow sensors

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Drager Evita 2 Dura

Drager Evita 2 Dura

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Height: 11.4 In (290 cm)
Width: 20.9 In (530 cm)
Depth: 17.7 In (450 cm)
Weight: Approx. 27 kg (60 lbs)
Diagonal Screen size: 6.5” TFT LCD color Display

Ventilation Settings

Ventilation mode: IPPV, IPPVAssist (CMV, CMVAssist) SIMV, SIMVASB (SIMV, SIMV/Psupp) MMV, MMVASB (MMV, MMV/Psupp) BIPAP1), BIPAP1)ASB, BIPAP1)Assist (PCV+, PCV+/Psupp, PCV+Assist) CPAP, CPAPASB (CPAP, CPAP/Psupp) APRV (optional) ILV (optional)
Enhancements: AutoFlow™ – Automatic adaptation of inspiratory flow in volume controlled modes ATC™ – Automatic Tube Compensation (optional) IV - Mask Ventilation (optional)
Ventilation frequency (f): 0 to 100 /min, 0 to150 /min (Neonatal)
Inspiration time (Tinsp): 0.1 to 10 s
Tidal volume (VT) (BTPS): 0.1 to 2.0 L (Adult) 0.02 to 0.3 L (Pediatric) 0.003 to 0.1 L (Neonatal)
Inspiratory flow: 6 to 120 L/min (Adult) 6 to 30 L/min (Pediatric and Neonatal)
Inspiratory pressure: 0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O) PEEP / intermittent PEEP: 0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O)
Pressureassist (PASB) (Psupp): 0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O)
Rise time for inspiratory pressure: 0 to 2 s
O2 concentration: 21 to 100 Vol.%
Multi-sense Trigger Criteria: Internal automatic pressure trigger, Flow, Volume (Flow adjustable 0.3 to 15 L/min)

Drager Evita 2 Dura Ventilator

Device tested, confirmed to be fully functional, no leaks

Brand new flow and oxygen sensors

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